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Food For Thought

“I’m a twenty-year overnight success.” John Ondrasik of Five For Fighting said that during a concert last month at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts.  Hi show was part of the fourth annual “Food For Thought” conference presented by Erwin-Penland.  Hearing that phrase reminded me that now is the time to do something new.  That conference changed me in ways that I didn’t know I needed to change.  I was pushed to action.  To stop considering what I should do next and finally do something.  My eyes are opened to a side of me that I had put on a shelf.  It is time to create the environment that I need to thrive.  To focus on what I do best and to use that power to grow and thrive.  In this month of amazement I bought my first Apple computer and started a few new projects (including this blog.)  I’ll use this forum to share my knowledge of etiquette, some current events and my occasional interest in basketball.  I’m excited and ready for the next level.  Welcome  to the Black River Girl blog.  It’s time to enjoy the ride!