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Truckeroo June 2011

Friday after work I tagged along with a colleague to Truckeroo at the DC Navy Yard.  We took the Circulator bus and geared up for the promised live music and fun foods.  When we reached the spot we met up with another hungry friend, got our over-21 wristbands and headed inside.  We circled the lot, scoped out the popular trucks and charted our own course.  First stop was the BBQ Bus. I got some yummy sauced wings and tried to eat them with one hand while waiting in line at Eat Wonky.  My colleague complained that they weren’t crispy enough, but I was cool with the texture.  They were also covered with dill pickles, sliced pickled onions and jalapenos.  Our second stop boasted the Wonky Dog and Wonky Fries among its choices.  I’m usually an adventurous eater, but I went for some plain fries this go round.   My colleague went all out having the Wonky Fries – gravy-covered french fries, sprinkled with squeaky cheese.  I snagged a few fries.. tasty, but that dish was definitely more than this girl wanted to handle. Besides I was determined not to fill-up too soon.

For months I had been on a mission – meaning to, trying to, thinking about ways to hit up Curbside Cupcakes and I finally made it happen at Truckeroo.  Anyone who knows me through a mealtime knows I am a big fan of baked sweet treats.  Often I review the dessert menu prior to ordering my entrée. Well let me say that after having a strawberry cupcake with strawberry cream cheese frosting I am a big fan. Definitely worth adding to my twitter feed.    Looking forward to chasing some of these vendors down around the city and putting next month’s Truckeroo on my list of places to go.

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