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Raven-Symone’s New Show

Last night I watched “State of Georgia” on ABC Family.  Raven-Symone’ as Georgia, Loretta Devine as her Aunt Honey and Majandra Delfino as her best friend.  Our little Olivia from the Cosby Show is all grown up.  Georgia and Jo move to New York from the South to make it big.  I’m not the show’s target demographic, but it was fun to see some fresh, new content.  I had no idea Ms. Devine could do comedy.  That woman has range.  She glams it up as a wealthy, mature lady with a healthy sexual appetite.  In one scene she peruses the obituaries noting that those men “are single now…(because) flu season was very good to her.”  I liked the best friend – Jo particularly because she’s an aspiring scientist.  It’s great that the story line contrasts Georgia’s acting pursuits with Jo’s desire to explore physics.  Very pro-girl, gender-balanced message there.  It did get silly at points, but overall a great opener.  This is a show that you can watch with your nieces and nephews and actually enjoy.  No offense Dora, Blue and iCarly.  With the recent success of “Bridesmaids” and the type of physical, over-the-top comedy in “Georgia” there is an opportunity for women to rethink how we laugh.  It’s inspiring to see us taking the lead in creative ways and doing the writing, production and acting.   Refreshing to see women cast in a way that expresses femininity, but doesn’t take away our brains in the process.

Check it out next week.  Wednesdays, 8:30 pm, ABC Family.

Raven on Wendy Williams

You Tube Promo Video














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