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Mean Wives of LA

I’m sitting on my couch doing some work and flipping channels. Basketball Wives LA comes on so I start watching. Weirdness all around. These women gang up on one woman Draya Michele. They don’t like her because she used to be a stripper. From the two episodes I’ve seen she’s never done anything to any of them personally.  After hanging out a few times some of the women get together and decide they need to figure out what Draya’s deal is.  They find some rumors online that she was arrested for child abuse. They take the rumors as fact and decide to corner her about what they’ve learned.  They invite her out for dinner and then confront her about the rumors.  Draya and Malaysia Pargo have no idea what is going on here and are clearly shocked by the ambush.   Draya tries to explain and these chicks won’t even give her a chance.  They verbally attack her and make the girl cry.

Not once do they acknowledge that there is a possibility that they don’t have the story right.  That sometimes Internet gossip is way off base.  It was painful to watch. It is ridiculous for grown women to act this way. It was like an adult version of Tina Fey’s movie ‘Mean Girls’ – minus the laughs and life lessons.  I was surprised that Jackie Christie behaved so immaturely. Jackie seemed to have some level of decency about her, but I’ve been wrong before on a character assessment. Looking at the situation there is possibly something shady going on with Draya, but there is a way to approach it. She might be lacking in her parenting skills, but there’s no reason to disrespect her. She knows the truth and if these women really care they would take the time to get to the real story. Kudos to Malaysia for standing up to them and showing empathy towards Draya. Malaysia is her own woman and a class act. The others can learn a thing or two from her. I need my brain cells so I’m going to avoid this show going forward. Definitely don’t want to pick up any bad habits from the Mean Wives of LA.

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