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Political Disobedience 101

Some people are missing the point about the Occupy Wall Street movement.  They’re focusing on the things they see wrong, the challenges facing the protestors.  The real story is the need for balance in our political and social policies.  It is important that everyone feel the freedom that our country boldly declares to the world.  The United States is built on a tradition of activism.  While we’ve had our misguided moments, it is rebellion and disobedience that is the heart of our country.  There are plenty of examples of how we didn’t get it right – violating Native Americans and stealing their land; enslaving Africans and institutionalizing racism; denying women full participation in society and the list goes on.

We need civil disobedience.  We need disruption and chaos.  It is in these movements that great ideas are born.  My stepmother was arrested for participating in a lunch counter sit-in when she was 15 years old.   It wasn’t her compliance that changed the laws – it was the disobedience.  It was social unrest that challenged a system of racism in that little town in North Carolina and all over the segregated South.

I wish the Occupiers success.  They are on an important journey and I respect their efforts.  I look forward to the next steps and watching this movement grow.   This is an exciting time – power to the people!

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