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Dinner at Mike’s

Saturday night I went out with some girlfriends for dinner at Graffiato in Chinatown.  The food was amazing, and the service was on point too.  My only problem is the ambiance.  It was loud and that was wrong.  The music was this weird techno-pop that I didn’t enjoy shouting over.  This objection is notable because we were in a festive mood.   The occasion was a bachelorette dinner celebration.  We were headed to a drag queen show after the meal so we’re not exactly a conservative bunch.  Our party of eight was seated promptly upon arrival.  I was excited because this was my first visit.  I’m a Top Chef fan and looked forward to trying out finalist Mike Isabella’s new restaurant.  Imagine my delight when I saw him and had a chance to get a picture. They were busy and Mike was gracious with his time – as you can see I was all grins.

With Gracious Host Mike Isabella

We ordered all the pastas, a bottle of sparkling wine, several meat dishes, specialty cocktails and dessert.  Had to double check the menu for some of the dishes.  If you go try these:

Countryman –This pizza has black truffle, fontina cheese, and they spread a little egg on top.

For pasta I enjoyed the Chestnut Agnolotti filled with butternut squash.

My favorite savory dish was the Striped Bass – it had this yummy smoked eggplant on the side.  Fish was cooked perfectly.

For dessert you can’t miss with the Zeppoles – I’m a caramel fanatic so loved the way they mixed it up with pumpkin for the fall. 

I love delicious food and good service so will definitely head back to this spot again.


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