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Whitney Houston – Loved and Adored

I can’t remember what grade I was in, but I once wrote a research paper on Whitney Houston.  I do remember reading that she wanted to be a model, but her mother pushed her to focus on singing.  I remember reading somewhere about Whitney smoking a cigarette and being totally shocked by that news.  At the time in my life smoking was unfathomable – I remember thinking what in the world??  Last night, I was at Eatonville restaurant on U Street having dinner when I heard the sad news of her passing.  A table of seven, we were celebrating special friendships and the joy of overcoming.  In the early moments we were in disbelief, praying it was a horrible rumor, hoping our intel was wrong. Unfortunately it was true – our sister with the angelic voice was gone.

I’m still looking for my “Bodyguard Soundtrack” and getting ready to buy my first Whitney compilation.  Tonight I’m looking forward to seeing the Grammy Awards and the tribute.  My condolences to her daughter Bobbi Kristina, her mother  Cissy Houston and all of her family and friends.  This morning I watched coverage of her home church – New Hope in New Jersey and I shed my first tears.  Those will not be my last because I love this woman.  I adored the beauty of her voice, the style and power of her performances.   I lived to her music and wished for her transformation and continued success.  My prayers for her through her tribulations were years in the making.  They were real because she made a real impression on my life.  We miss you Whitney, but you will always be in our hearts.

This article from TIME is a look back at her life and accomplishments.


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