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The Skin You’re In: Part II- Winter Body Care

One of the best compliments I received from a lover was this –  “How do you stay so soft?”  Well the answer ladies and gents is in this blog.  Your skin is your largest organ and it needs attention all year.  To stay touchable you must have a routine.   So here you go as we experience the last weeks of winter.

Tools & Products

I always have on hand a pouffy mesh bath sponge, a cocoa butter stick, some type of Carol’s Daughter body scrub (they come in sea salt or brown sugar) and Jason Organics EFA Lotion.  Healthy skin is a priority and I use these year round.

Femeia's Skin Basics

The Routine

Exfoliate, moisturize and repeat to keep your skin in top condition. I use my pouf every day with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap or some shower gel.   Every other week I use one one of my scrubs to exfoliate more deeply.   Carol’s Daughter stays on my shelf because it gets the job done without making me feel like I’m being punished.  If you haven’t done much exfoliating give it a try.  It helps slough off dead cells and  helps your moisturizer to work more effectively.  The process allows your skin to regenerate into a softer, smoother you.

After bathing I moisturize every inch with my Jason’s EFA lotion.  In the colder months I add in a thicker moisturizer or cream to keep things looking and feeling right.  Make sure you take extra time with your elbows, knees and heels – those areas do a lot of work and can get very dry.  I’m partial to shea butter – either in its pure form or as a cream ingredient.
I challenge you to treat yourself to some winter skin pampering.  Let me know how it goes!!

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