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The Skin You’re In: Part III – Winter Face Care

This post comes as we enjoy unseasonably warm weather this last week of Winter.  Caring for your face begins on the inside. Everything you eat and drink shows up on your lovely face.  Water is my friend.  I drink it morning, noon and night.  Sometimes I’ll have herbal tea or enjoy a cocktail, but most of the time you will see me sipping on water.

I use Oil of Olay products year-round  because they are effective, easy to find and reasonably priced.  In colder months I use the cream to moisturize my face and décolletage.  It is easily absorbed creating a great canvas for applying make-up.  It also has sun protection which is necessary for every season.  I buy the SPF 15 in either the original or sensitive skin formula.

Recently, I added Neutrogena Deep Clean Scrub to my beauty routine.  It’s good to exfoliate  once or twice weekly.  Put it on your calendar if  you’re anything like me  – I tend to forget.   The scrub is gentle and my face feels smooth and soft after each use.

Do these things to keep your skin beautiful – drink lots of water, exfoliate weekly and protect your skin with an SPF-infused moisturizer.


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