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Cheat Eats: Frozen Greek Yogurt from Ben & Jerry’s

I enjoy a variety of healthy foods, but I also indulge my sweet tooth.  I can eat tofu and salad all day long if it means a cupcake is coming my way in the evening.  This post is for those of you who need some alternatives to help you stay on track without too much deprivation.  I was delighted when I found the new Greek Frozen Yogurt in my Safeway.  While Ben & Jerry’s points out that this isn’t a healthy food, I agree that it can be a “reasonable reward.”  This new line of desserts that they rolled out last month have less fat and calories, but are full of great flavor.  I like the pint-sized containers  for portion control.  Each one gives me about four servings.

The Treat Experience

We eat first with our eyes.   I use these adorable ceramic bowls to keep my servings small, but appealing.  Use an ice cream scoop to further enhance the  look.  Use a real spoon and take your time eating.  Don’t talk on the phone, don’t mindlessly eat from the container.  You want to savor it so that you’re fully satisfied when you’re done eating.

The Treat Facts

Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt – Blueberry Vanilla Graham

It has 7 grams of fat, compared to the 15 grams in the regular, Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.  The frozen Greek yogurt has 6 grams of protein, while the ice cream has 3 grams.

Enjoy and stay on the GFP -Get Fine Plan!


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