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Red Snapper Take One

April 30, 2012 3 comments

I’m ramping up the  GFP – Get Fine Plan as I countdown to my cousin Charyl’s wedding in June.  Part of that is adding more fish to my diet.  Here’s my first time making red snapper.  Picked up the fillet from here:

Captain White's at The Wharf

Used fresh lemon juice, salt, oregano, basil and some white pepper.  Baked it at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Baked Red Snapper

Here it is plated with my sides. Tasty, quick and healthy dinner.

Red snapper, spinach pasta & steamed carrots

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More Cherry Blossom Fun

We have 17 more days of the 100th National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC.

Events range from concerts to dinner cruises on the Potomac to crafts and activities at area museums.  Here are a few things that I plan to do in the coming weeks.   Check the website for activities all over the city – see what grabs you.  Get out and do something!

Ikebana International Flower Arranging Exhibition April 6- April 22

Jazz at the Jefferson April  19-22

Films: Japanese Divas April 6 – May 5

OPI Gelcolor – The Two Week Manicure

I am biased about OPI products.  I started using them when I was in cosmetology school becoming a nail technician.  The rich polish colors, the way Avoplex cuticle oil kept my hangnails away.  Those slick, modern ads in Nail Pro Magazine.   I loved their marketing and the quality of every product I tried.  That adoration continues and grows as the company offers new, innovative products today.

Last week I decided to try their latest offering Gelcolor.  My great experience with Axxium nails last summer led me back to Orchid Nails in Silver Spring, MD.  The staff is professional and the salon is hygienic.  They have reasonable prices and  Sunday hours.  They did my Axxium nails last summer and so thought I would see how the Gelcolor compares.

Color: Pink Flamenco – which I also got on my toes.  Looking forward to keeping this beautiful, bold color for two weeks or so.

Getting the Manicure: The application was faster.  It goes on like polish so my nail tech – Tina was able to work quickly.  She gave me two base coats and two color coats.  It’s thin and smooth.  Barely any flaws.

Here’s a pic from Day One, Week One:

I’ll post an update later this week to let you know how the nails are wearing.