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Just Like Busboys & Poets Makes

I’m doing a co-blogging piece today.  My cousin Leslie (our mother’s are twins) came for  a visit a few weeks ago and we went to one of my favorite spots in the city – Busboys & Poets. The name comes from the early days of  Langston Hughes life.  The talented poet worked as a busboy at a Washington hotel.   Owner Andy Shallal has created a great place to take guests and give them a true DC vibe.

The Busboys menu has food for everyone – vegetarians, meat lovers and everything in between.  It’s good for  brunch, dinner or dessert.  You can even order cocktails that help raise money for charitable causes.  The service tends to be casual, but friendly.  They have a few locations and I’m partial to the one at 5th & K, NW if I’m driving because there is a bit more street parking.  If I’m trying to see and be seen I hit the one at 14th & V, NW. Right off of the bustling U Street area it’s fun with a bit of social justice mixed in.

Leslie loved the harira soup that she had that day so much that she found a recipe and recreated it at home.

It’s a delish Moroccan bean soup. If you’re in DC try it at the restaurant. But if you live a little farther away do like Leslie and make some at home.



  1. Leslie
    May 15, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Wow! Your sister-cousin Leslie seems like an awesome cook and all around industrious and delightful person! This entry makes me want to fly to DC and go to B&P with you.

    Your sister-cousin,


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