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Pro Dating Tips

This summer I made a commitment to get out and date more.  I was spending a lot of time working and not enough making love connections.  Professionals in the City held a workshop for women on meeting men and I went.  The two guys who taught were great.  They pushed us to think about what we want in relationships and what we want in a partner.  I was encouraged to do one of my favorite things – make a list!  So this blog is pushing all the single ladies out there to do exactly what I did, and continue to do when the mood hits me.  Refine what you want.  Be specific, think big!!  They pushed us to write out our top 3 Must Haves, 3 Would Be Nice and 3 Deal Breakers.  That wasn’t easy for me because I tend to let the guys pick me.  I rarely think about what I would prefer.  Unfortunately that’s why I’ve dated some guys who were not the quality I deserve, but they got me because they were persistent.  Now there’s nothing wrong with giving guys you’re not attracted to initially a chance, but those dudes should be exceptions, not rules. I realize that I need more standards, clarity about my preferences.  I have to say it’s been worth taking the time to reflect on my dating patterns and think about what I prefer.  I’m finding that since I’ve written it – that’s what has come my way.  I don’t usually write about relationships, but my endeavor has been successful so I’m excited to share!!  Keep an open mind as you have your own dating experiences.  What are you all doing to make the love connections?  Any good tips that work? Think about what you want and work on that list of 3s!!! 


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  1. October 18, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    I think that you should share your lists! But no pressure if you don’t want to 🙂

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