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Happy Chinese New Year!

February 10, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ve been gone for a minute so hope everyone is doing great! Here are some dining options in Washington, DC to celebrate the new year.


Pro Dating Tips

October 11, 2012 1 comment

This summer I made a commitment to get out and date more.  I was spending a lot of time working and not enough making love connections.  Professionals in the City held a workshop for women on meeting men and I went.  The two guys who taught were great.  They pushed us to think about what we want in relationships and what we want in a partner.  I was encouraged to do one of my favorite things – make a list!  So this blog is pushing all the single ladies out there to do exactly what I did, and continue to do when the mood hits me.  Refine what you want.  Be specific, think big!!  They pushed us to write out our top 3 Must Haves, 3 Would Be Nice and 3 Deal Breakers.  That wasn’t easy for me because I tend to let the guys pick me.  I rarely think about what I would prefer.  Unfortunately that’s why I’ve dated some guys who were not the quality I deserve, but they got me because they were persistent.  Now there’s nothing wrong with giving guys you’re not attracted to initially a chance, but those dudes should be exceptions, not rules. I realize that I need more standards, clarity about my preferences.  I have to say it’s been worth taking the time to reflect on my dating patterns and think about what I prefer.  I’m finding that since I’ve written it – that’s what has come my way.  I don’t usually write about relationships, but my endeavor has been successful so I’m excited to share!!  Keep an open mind as you have your own dating experiences.  What are you all doing to make the love connections?  Any good tips that work? Think about what you want and work on that list of 3s!!! 


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Olympic Fun: Summer 2012

I don’t understand the way NBC airs the competitions. Friday I watched the Opening Ceremony and some of the Parade of Nations. I wish they showed it earlier in the day because I fell asleep before they got to USA. Had to pull that up on YouTube. I’ve decided to embrace knowing who wins before we get to the evening broadcast. I look for the news now so I won’t be thrown off by spoilers. I like the NY Times and BBC coverage.

Last night I happily discovered that Comcast has several events that you can watch On Demand. I was able to savor the Women’s All Around Gymnastics performances.  I was hyped because I absolutely love watching them perform. The uneven bars, balance beam and floor work show the grace and strength that you must cultivate to be a world-class athlete. Anything the gymnasts do gets my attention. I’m fascinated because they’re usually my height and build. Well, minus all my grown woman curves. The dedication and focus it takes to become an Olympian is inspiring.

I hope you all are enjoying the games too. Go USA!!!


Cherry Blossom Time

The cherry blossoms are in bloom and the official National Cherry Blossom Centennial Festival is underway!  The celebration dates back to a relationship began in 1912 when the City of Tokyo, Japan gave the City of Washington, DC a gift of 3000 cherry blossom trees.  Annually Washington comes alive with international visitors, parades and events commemorating this special friendship.

Arts & Crafts with the Children's Museum during Family Days. Cherry Blossom Festival

Events are diverse, often free and in different parts of the city.  You can attend concerts, dinner cruises, films and lectures.  There are activities for foodies, for cyclists and  adventure seekers.  You can create crafts at area museums or enjoy flower arranging at the National Arboretum.

The pictures in this post are from the opening weekend.  I volunteered at the National Building Museum for Family Days. My station helped kids make paper cherry blossoms from tissue paper and pipe cleaners.   Admission was free and the day featured Taiko drummers, dancers and other creative activities.


Cheat Eats: Frozen Greek Yogurt from Ben & Jerry’s

I enjoy a variety of healthy foods, but I also indulge my sweet tooth.  I can eat tofu and salad all day long if it means a cupcake is coming my way in the evening.  This post is for those of you who need some alternatives to help you stay on track without too much deprivation.  I was delighted when I found the new Greek Frozen Yogurt in my Safeway.  While Ben & Jerry’s points out that this isn’t a healthy food, I agree that it can be a “reasonable reward.”  This new line of desserts that they rolled out last month have less fat and calories, but are full of great flavor.  I like the pint-sized containers  for portion control.  Each one gives me about four servings.

The Treat Experience

We eat first with our eyes.   I use these adorable ceramic bowls to keep my servings small, but appealing.  Use an ice cream scoop to further enhance the  look.  Use a real spoon and take your time eating.  Don’t talk on the phone, don’t mindlessly eat from the container.  You want to savor it so that you’re fully satisfied when you’re done eating.

The Treat Facts

Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt – Blueberry Vanilla Graham

It has 7 grams of fat, compared to the 15 grams in the regular, Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream.  The frozen Greek yogurt has 6 grams of protein, while the ice cream has 3 grams.

Enjoy and stay on the GFP -Get Fine Plan!


St. Patrick’s Day 2012: Facts, Myths, and Traditions

Hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick’s Day.  John Roach

wrote this article for National Geographic online.

St. Patrick’s Day 2012: Facts, Myths, and Traditions.




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The Skin You’re In: Part II- Winter Body Care

February 28, 2012 Leave a comment

One of the best compliments I received from a lover was this –  “How do you stay so soft?”  Well the answer ladies and gents is in this blog.  Your skin is your largest organ and it needs attention all year.  To stay touchable you must have a routine.   So here you go as we experience the last weeks of winter.

Tools & Products

I always have on hand a pouffy mesh bath sponge, a cocoa butter stick, some type of Carol’s Daughter body scrub (they come in sea salt or brown sugar) and Jason Organics EFA Lotion.  Healthy skin is a priority and I use these year round.

Femeia's Skin Basics

The Routine

Exfoliate, moisturize and repeat to keep your skin in top condition. I use my pouf every day with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap or some shower gel.   Every other week I use one one of my scrubs to exfoliate more deeply.   Carol’s Daughter stays on my shelf because it gets the job done without making me feel like I’m being punished.  If you haven’t done much exfoliating give it a try.  It helps slough off dead cells and  helps your moisturizer to work more effectively.  The process allows your skin to regenerate into a softer, smoother you.

After bathing I moisturize every inch with my Jason’s EFA lotion.  In the colder months I add in a thicker moisturizer or cream to keep things looking and feeling right.  Make sure you take extra time with your elbows, knees and heels – those areas do a lot of work and can get very dry.  I’m partial to shea butter – either in its pure form or as a cream ingredient.
I challenge you to treat yourself to some winter skin pampering.  Let me know how it goes!!