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The Skin You’re In: Part I – Winter Foot Care

I appreciate you reading my blog.  Your support and patience make it all worthwhile.  This week I’m posting the first installment in a three-part series on taking care of your skin in cold, winter weather.

First up – FEET!!  Some of you know that I love pedicures more than shoes.  Taking care of my feet and hands is something I learned to appreciate from my lovely and talented Aunt Cheryl.  She raised me during my junior and senior years of high school.  We are fans of home pedicures and to this day I won’t show her my feet unless they are on point.  That appreciation of pedicures followed me to college and during one summer I went to cosmetology school and became a licensed nail technician.  Yep, I was slinging pumice stones and nail polish with the best of ‘em.  That was a great experience and I still dream of having my own spa.  So from my professional and personal observations here are tips to keep your tootsies looking and feeling great this time of year.

Begin with a professional pedicure – the manicurists can work much better on your feet because they’re using both hands.  They can trim your cuticles and smooth out your rough spots without being contortionists.  If a salon visit is out of the question because of time or money, don’t worry you can do a lot of this yourself.

Invest in tools and productsAt a minimum you should own a pumice stone, nail clipper, cuticle nipper and orange sticks.  These make the job of caring for your nails easier.  Next, make sure you use quality products for soaking and moisturizing.  Johnson’s Foot Soak  is classic and one of my favorites.  You can pick it up from the drugstore in a box of eight.  I dilute half of one pack in my foot tub with warm water.   Another thing you must have is a thick, absorbent moisturizer.  I like Soul Purpose’s Lavender Tea Foot Cream.  It comes from the Happy Feet Collection and is a great addition to your home pedicure arsenal.

Soul Purpose Lavender Foot Cream

Develop a routine.  After a bath or relaxing foot soak slather on a thick coat of cream. Let your feet absorb it for a few minutes, then top that with a layer of Vaseline.  Next, put on a pair of cotton socks.  If your feet need deeper penetration, wrap them in plastic wrap before putting on the socks.  Leave this treatment on overnight.  The next morning use your pumice stone and the rough spots should be easily sloughed off.  Repeat nightly until your feet are no longer scratchy like sandpaper.

In the winter I also take breaks from the red polish I love and try other colors like bronze and pale pink.  This gives your nail beds a chance to bounce back from staining or yellowing that the deeper colors can cause.  It’s also a good time to try new colors – since your toes are primarily covered you don’t have to make as much of a commitment – at least not publicly.

The more you perform your own pedicures or between-spa-visit maintenance the better you’ll become. You’ll find that making this commitment year-round will improve the appearance of your feet and keep calluses at bay.  Develop your own beauty routine and remember consistency is key.

Let me know how it goes!