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I Heart Chef Art: Part 2

On my visit to Southern Art  last month I was pleased to again make Chef Art Smith’s acquaintance.  Loved the beginning of the meal with the jars of homemade pickles and light, fluffy biscuits.  Saved room for the delicious and humongous servings of dessert including the red velvet cake, chocolate cake and the lemon cake.  Our table grew from four, to six, to eight and the staff was accommodating and friendly.  During our reunion we lost track of time and stayed dangerously close to dinner service.  Just as our manners showed up and we prepared to leave, in came Chef Art.   He graciously took a picture with us and I’m sure gained some new fans in the process.

I’m planning to check out his other restaurants on future visits to Chicago and Palo Alto.  Let me know if you hit up any of his spots.

All the best and continued success Chef Art!!!!


I Heart Chef Art: Part 1

November 30, 2011 3 comments

I heart Art Smith.  He’s Southern, warm and inspiring.  I’ve dined ‘with’ him several times and find his food to be delicious, inventive and beautifully served.

My trips to Art and Soul have included brunch, lunch, dinner and happy hour experiences.   It’s close to work and a favorite because the food is just that good.  It’s a treat to head there with colleagues and enjoy lunch away from our desks.  Dishes I enjoy include Gayle’s Lemon Pancakes and the fried chicken.

Chef Art is definitely a man on the move.  He was part of the annual ‘Food for Thought’ Conference that I attended in Greenville, SC in April.  The dinner was hosted at Devereauxs.  It was the same week that Oprah summoned him to cook for the Obama’s visit during her final season.  And if that wasn’t enough on his plate he was also whipping up delights for Lady Gaga.

During the conference he was engaging and thoughtful – showing off his recent 100-pound weight loss and sharing stories about his career.  He was in a great, easy-going mood and signed books and took pictures with everyone who asked. Loved the meal, ambience and meeting Chef Art!!

Here are a few shots from dinner.

***Tune in later this week for I Heart Chef Art: Part 2!!!***

Chef Art Signs Cookbooks

Souvenir Menu Chef Art Session

Beet Salad Course

Quick Meal Deal: Fall Harvest

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

I’m a fan of seasonal eating so was pleased to see that my favorite pasta stand at Eastern Market whipped up some beautiful pumpkin fettuccine for the fall.   I added a little butter, salt and olive oil to the orange ribbons for this quick  meal.  My appetizer was deviled eggs with capers – random pairing, but needed a quick protein.    Enjoyed the ribbons of pasta with a side of broccoli.

I didn’t time it but the eggs were the most time consuming part of the dish – takes 10-12 minutes for them to cook, a quick ice bath to cool them down, then a few minutes to mix in mayo, capers and dill.   The pasta took about 3 minutes and the fresh broccoli steams in under 5 minutes.

Deviled Eggs with Capers

Pumpkin Fettuccine